Architecture and Sustainable Architecture Courses: OU’s Online Programs Empowering a Sustainable Future

Architecture and Sustainable Architecture Courses: OU’s Online Programs Empowering a Sustainable Future

OU Offers Master of Architecture and Sustainable Architecture Courses Online

As global sustainability standards continue to increase the demand for architects with expertise in these areas is increasing. OU’s online Master of Architecture+Sustainability program is designed to prepare students for the field.

This graduate certificate course explores a variety of technologies and analysis techniques for designing comfortable, resource-efficient buildings. Students will gain a holistic comprehension of these topics through the analysis of leading edge energy certification programs and case studies.

Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)

Learn to create buildings that meet modern sustainability requirements with a Master of Architecture degree. This program teaches students to apply new building modeling and analysis capabilities to design greener, more efficient spaces for their clients. You’ll also gain expertise in evidence-based, cutting-edge approaches to project assessment and reporting. This online MA in Architecture track from OU is designed to help you gain a competitive edge with your peers in the field.

Through immersive virtual labs, field trips, and value-added live sessions, you’ll be challenged to explore the connections between culture, design, and architecture. Plus, you’ll travel internationally to gain valuable insights into other cultures and environments.

The MA in Architecture program at AIU empowers you to achieve your professional goals while maintaining a balance between your academic pursuits and life commitments. The admissions team can advise on options to customize your curriculum and how this can align with potential market opportunities. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in fields other than architecture may be eligible for advanced standing status, shortening the time to completion of the degree to two years.

Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture (MSSA)

Online master’s degrees in architecture are a great fit for students who wish to pursue careers in the field, but may not have the time or ability to attend full-time. These programs offer flexible, customizable schedules and are often taught by top university faculty members.

Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) master of science in sustainable architecture is one of the first NAAB-accredited programs specifically designed for online delivery through Golisano Institute for Sustainability. The program is open to creative thinkers from all professional backgrounds, and no prior architectural experience is required.

Courses include a survey of leading edge green building programs like LEED, Passive House standards and Life Cycle Assessment. Ultimately, students gain an understanding of the role that architects can play in tackling climate change and how advanced technologies are impacting contemporary design thinking. The MSSA is offered fully online with asynchronous and synchronous sessions.

Executive Program in Design for Sustainability (XDS)

Learn to design sustainable businesses that thrive in a future of climate change and other global challenges. Develop your knowledge of the interrelated dimensions of sustainability and create innovative solutions that reduce waste and social and environmental impacts. Assess business opportunities and risks to promote corporate sustainability strategies that align with responsible governance.

Develop a culture for employees to bring their whole selves to work and thrive around shared sustainability values. Evaluate the impact of social, economic, human-rights, and diversity issues in corporate strategy, operations, and culture.

Weitzman Executive Education offers curated non-credit courses and certificates designed to support creative professionals committed to building a more sustainable world. These programs are available fully online and require no campus visits, so they’re a great option for students with limited time or budget constraints. Each course is taught by faculty experts in their field. Tuition includes the cost of textbook rental and is charged at the same rate whether you’re a Wisconsin resident, out-of-state or international student.

Online M.Arch.

Architecture is the art of creating structures that have a positive impact on the environment. This is sometimes referred to as green architecture or environmental architecture and includes such concepts as energy efficiency, durability, a positive effect on health, comfort for occupants, and sustainability.

Students who choose to earn a master’s degree in architecture online can deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge of architectural design and construction, choosing professional specialization options if desired. Many of these programs are NAAB accredited, which can help prepare you to apply for licensure as an architect.

The OU Online MSSA is a 30-credit program that can be completed in just 15 months. The curriculum features case studies, industry leader lectures, and value-added live sessions led by world-class OU faculty members. It emphasizes the new methods and analytical tools architects use to make better design decisions for a sustainable future. It also offers rolling admissions.

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